Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Voxtrot: Music Review

If you've never heard Voxtrot, you are seriously missing out. They hail from Austin, TX and kept cock-teasing their fans with three EPs before they finally put out an album.

Voxtrot's first EP, Raised By Wolves, is a five song adventure that seems to explore the arc of a relationship from start to finish, with the title track acting as a kind of prelude or introduction. But maybe that's just my crazy-ass interpretation. Still, I think it's a good break-up balm myself.
Listen: The Start of Something

Their second EP, Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives has 5 perfect songs: pop-y, wistful and compelling. My three favorite songs from this are the title track, "Rise Up from the Dirt," and "Soft and Warm." They may actually be my three favorite songs by Voxtrot, but sometimes I think they're only my favorites so long as I'm listening to them.
Listen: Mothers, Sisters, Daughters & Wives

Their third EP is Your Biggest Fan and has only three songs on it. Pretty evil to release this when your fans are clamoring for a full album don't you think? But I guess that's okay, because I didn't find out about them until it was all out anyway. ;) Honestly, the title track is the only song on this EP that I remember when I'm not listening to it. But when I am listening, I love them all.
Listen: Trouble

Finally, last year Voxtrot released their self-titled album and there was much rejoicing. Featuring a luscious 11 songs from the Texas quintet, "Kid Gloves" is the first one that I really start paying attention to. It is a lament for love-lost in the midst of a break up (or something). The next song that stands out in my memory is "Brother in Conflict" and then "Future, Pt. 1." To be honest, I always listen to Voxtrot's EPs first and my attention has generally wandered a bit by the time I get to the album. But, with that in mind, it makes fabulous background music for a busy mind.
Listen: Kid Gloves

If you haven't gotten the clue yet, Voxtrot is all-over awesome. Their lyrics are some of my most favorite and odds are that when I'm hovering between consciousness and sleep, I'm hearing their songs playing in my head.

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