Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Not Allowed to Like... Fabrice Lavollay

Thanks to Right Some Good, I discovered Not Allowed To Like: an art blog about subversive art the author isn't "allowed to like" for one reason or another. So far my favorite artist featured has been Fabrice Lavollay.

Lavollay creates surreal apparitions in his paintings that look like something straight out of a horror film lover's dreams. And while I really don't like horror films, I dig the creepy and the strange so this stuff (minus the creepy baby ones... I don't like creepy babies) just makes my imagination feel like Riverdancing.

Some of my favorites are:

Alhazred Syndrome , because it looks like a cross between something from The Matrix and The Death of Marat

Education, because it's all like "HEY TEACHER! LEAVE THEM KIDS ALONE!"

Cthulhu, because who doesn't love a gorgon after Margaret Atwood and Neil Gaiman's treated them?

Tattoo 4, because she looks like a kick-ass female assasin or something

Remords, because I like the subversion of mixing religious imagery with abusive imagery... I find it truer to my experience of organized religion than any sacred art.

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