Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Cloverfield: Movie Review

I went a saw Cloverfield last night and although I felt like I was going to heave the whole time, it was the best monster movie I've ever seen second only to The Host. Thanks to the Blair Witch-y filming style, Cloverfield didn't have annoying military-focused action, or really much of anything to distract from the pure craziness and terror of the sudden threat.

The action focuses on four characters for the most of the film and has a distinctive Shaun of the Dead kind of saving-the-girl and solidarity-with-friends feel. The monster is shown to you enough from different angles that you can more or less see the whole thing and they even managed to naturally work in some arial footage which was some of the most impressive in the whole movie... that and the crazy half-collapsed building sets; those were hella tight.

Basically if you like horror, monster or action movies at all, you'll like Cloverfield. It's inventive, absorbing and surprising.

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