Monday, December 10, 2007

UX: Cultural Guerrillas in Paris

The FIX art blog of Missoula Art Museum recently posted about UX - a Parisian grassroots underground organization of 'cultural guerrillas' working to restore the cultural heritage of Paris. Their existence became known after they secretly repaired a landmark clock (pictured at the left), working from the inside at night.

From the FIX post:

UX claims to have about 150 members divided into 10 specialized groups, secret radios for communication, and are actively restoring Paris's underground, including crypts, sewers, and even a movie theater, complete with bar, that officials discovered UNDER THE SEINE. In response to "why?" a Mr. Kunstmann, spokesman for UX, said “We are the counterpoint to an era where everything is slow and complicated. It’s very difficult to get anything done through official channels. If you want to do it, you have to be clandestine."
Fascinating stuff, huh? It really makes guerrilla gardening look like child's play. FIX is asking if you think UX should be considered terrorists because they often employ illegal action. Go on over and put in your two cents. I personally choose to define them as contentious objectors.

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