Friday, December 14, 2007

Restaurant Review: Cancun Fiesta Fresh

Since I've done one restaurant review, I figured I might as well talk about going out to eat now when I feel like it. Hopefully, some of you will also find some tasty food this way. One of my co-workers recently suggested Cancun Fiesta Fresh as his top choice for Mexican food in Westport. I was complaining about the Mexican restaurant I'd enjoyed closing down, and decided that since I had a reccomendation of someone I could trust, I'd go ahead and try eating at this place that pass every day on the way to work. And while it's as divey as it looks on the outside, the food was absolutely incredible.

My boyfriend and I both ordered chimichangas and after about 15 minutes they were sitting in front of us. I've never seen a chimichanga like that before: instead of being wrapped in a tortilla, it was wrapped with some kind of puff pastry that'd been toasted to a flaky perfection. Oh my god, yum! According to every other conversation I could over hear, everyone else also had the same general reaction to their dinners. (An aside: The party of 4 sitting at the table next to us provided a scary view into 1984-alternative-reality world. The entire conversation (all 45 mins or so that we heard anyway) revolved around news stories... regurgitating and misremembering news stories. It was like having Fox News on in the background. How can people do that?)

So if you're in Westport and hungry for Mexican, sidle on over to Cancun Fiesta Fresh. It's spicy and delicious, just like MY conversation at restaurants. XP

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