Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Pavel Tsatsouline: The Coolest Communist

My boyfriend introduced me to Pavel Tsatsouline through his exercise videos, one of which is posted below. Pavel tells you how to work your body like a Soviet Super Soldier and begins most sentences by looking straight into the camera and barking "Comrade!" It is the best video I've seen with Russians in it since The Russians Are Coming, The Russians Are Coming. And while my super-smart co-worker Richard said his exercises aren't really the best thing for your health, I'm okay with that. I wasn't really watching for the exercise tips anyway. ;)

You can see clips from Pavel's videos ova hea.


Tony said...

Hey May, I really like your blog. I'm linking. Good stuff!!!

You should have let me know about it earlier.

May said...

Thanks for the linkage action.

sb said...

Your "super-smart co-worker" is super clueless. Pavel presents the most effective and healthful training in existence. His material is not for the feeble minded, the lazy, or for people who, for whatever reason, do not follow instructions. If you can give your full attention to what Pavel is teaching you will get awesome results.