Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Marion True: Still On Trial... Or Is She?

I nearly had a heart attack yesterday when I saw that Marion True has been acquitted in a case involving a Greek artifact. Marion True became my example of everything a museum curator ought not to be while in grad school, especially during and after my Cultural Property & Museums class (which examined cultural property laws, looting past and present, and where museums and collectors fit into those issues).

Since her guilt regarding her purchasing of looted Italian artifacts (for the Getty) is so obvious even to the most casual observer, I thought there was no way in hell she'd ever get off. To be suddenly confronted with her being let off the hook was about to shatter my believe in JUSTICE (you know, moreso), but then I read the article more closely and saw that these charges that were acquitted aren't the same as her major trial. And then all was right with the world again (the real problem is that I completely forgot that she is being tried in Italy for the crimes I'm thinking of, not in Greece).

I want Marion True to go to jail and make every single curator who thinks of purchasing stolen materials (believe me, it's easy to know when it's stolen) stop dead in his/her tracks. I am so against stealing cultural heritage.

Photo: Marion True at the Getty from the Christian Science Monitor

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