Saturday, December 29, 2007

I <3ed Juno

I feel about Juno the way I think I might have felt about My Best Friend's Wedding if I'd given a crap about it: it finally provides the ending to this type of movie that I've been waiting to see my whole life. As we were walking out of the theater, my man mentioned that he thought the end would somehow stick Juno with the baby and she would be okay with that. On behalf of myself and every other woman who's ever gotten prego and wanted to give the kid to someone who actually wanted it, it was fan-fricken-tastic to see.

Granted, my feelings are greatly aggravated by the fact that if it weren't for a recent miscarriage, I would currently be in a situation much like Juno's - except for the details anyway. The few women I talked to about my decision to carry the baby but give it up for adoption responded with little more than disbelief. The over-arching societal belief about this seems to be that women can't give birth without wanting to change their entire lives to care for a child. I was happy that Juno - as a character and a movie - showed a more rational view.

The light-handedness with which Juno treated the major button-pushing issues of teen pregnancy and abortion v. adoption was beyond impressive. The actors owned their characters so fully that any pro or con argument presented was shown only through an individual's perspective. All this contributed towards making Juno stand out as the one in control, a message I am all about having girls internalize.

Anyway, it seems I can't talk about this movie without making it seem overtly feminist-y or whatever, but when all is said and done, you should see Juno because you'll laugh, you'll cry (if you're me), and you'll go home happy. Michael Cera and Jason Bateman from Arrested Development maintain their track record of awesome acting, Ellen Page who plays Juno is captivating. Oh, yeah, and the soundtrack is cute as buttons.

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