Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Act Now to Save Affordable Birth Control

Since I can't possibly say it any better, this is an excerpt from an email I recently received from Planned Parenthood:

Last year's Congress made a technical error writing a new law, and the cost of birth control in many clinics is rising to almost 900 percent what it was just months ago. Women who were paying $5 to $10 per month are now paying $40 to $50 for birth control. For the college students and low-income women who will be affected by this cost hike, that's no small matter.

This delay adds insult to injury in a year when Planned Parenthood and women across America have endured multiple attacks on access to birth control: the appointment of radically anti-birth control Susan Orr to lead the U.S. family planning program, then the attempt by anti-choice radicals to block much-needed federal funding for our health centers. It's unfair and shocking that Congress is becoming part of this anti-birth control trend.

All it will take is for Congress to agree to pass the Prevention Through Affordable Access Act to immediately make birth control more accessible to millions of women who need it.
Please write to your congress member today (Planned Parenthood even has a super-easy form to use) and urge him or her to back this act.

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