Thursday, November 8, 2007

Space Debris: The Sky Is Falling

My friend Beau recently posted this video in his blog the other day so when I went over to a friend's house and they were talking about a comet they were looking for, I mentioned what I remembered of it. I'm always a bit dodgy talking about things like that (since you never know who'll take you for a crazy) but I was ecstatic to hear them respond by asking if I'd seen their space debris!


The other night they heard something that sounded like a gunshot hit their house. Thinking someone was trying to shoot our their windows, they called the cops who walked around the house and found a point of impact.

It turns out that this small weird piece of ashy something that reminded me of an insect exoskelton crashed into the corner of their house, breaking through the siding and impacting into (and scorching) the wood beneath it. Then it fell down through the siding to the ground which was also scorched and dusted with ash.

From point of impact, it could only have come down from the sky on a straight diagonal path. So now they're in contact with NASA about it. Freaking space debris coming down just miles away from where I live... it's like living in one of my sci-fi alternate reality dreams.

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