Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Simplify Your Holidays With the Alternative Gift Registry

As I may have implied yesterday, I would rather duck out of holiday festivities all together in order to avoid the pressure and stress that comes along with them. One of the worst headache-inducing aspects is gift-giving and/or receiving. Thankfully, the New American Dream has created the Alternative Gift Registry to help us out.

"We all love giving and receiving gifts; it’s important to our culture and good for the spirit. When the gifts we buy don’t match our values, however, they can distract from, rather than deepen, the meaning behind an event, despite the best intentions of those involved. The cost to gift-givers—not to mention the environmental impacts—also adds up quickly.

By encouraging non-material, second-hand, homemade, and environmentally friendly gifts, we seek to continue the proud tradition of gift-giving while helping celebrants focus on what matters most: a joyous commemoration with loved ones that honors the important moments in their lives."

It's easy, free and best of all, now you don't have to listen to any one complain because you don't have an online wishlist for them to shop from. Ease + value = my kind of present! Sign up to create your registry today and finally get something you'll treasure this year.

(my smarmasaur sure raised his head in that last paragraph, huh?)

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