Thursday, November 29, 2007

Sam & Max are Back!

A few weeks ago if you told me you'd never yet experienced the complete awesomeness that is Sam & Max: Freelance Police I would have said I felt very sorry for you . But now everyone has a chance to rediscover them thanks to a new video game that has revitalized interest in the fuzzy duo.

Having been a Sam & Max fan for years, I've had to content myself with a few readings of the (currently but not for long) out-of-print comic (while planning to steal it from my brother's cold dead fingers one of these days), playing Sam & Max Hit the Road and watching the few episodes of the quickly-cancelled Fox cartoon. But now, suddenly the floodgates have opened and the Universe is blessing us with not only another video game, but a re-printing of the comic as well. Now I won't have to kill anybody to get a copy! How awesome is that?

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