Friday, November 30, 2007

Music I Can't Stop Listening To

EDIT: I just got this email from my friend Laura: "I have a nitpicky lyrics comment to make: I believe it's "Krakow, Poland!", not "Cracker, Poland!" Just thought I'd let you know." While I'm disappointed ("cracker poland" made me giggle!), there's the truth of it.

For the past couple of weeks, I've been replaying two albums over and over again in my head & foobar player. You need to hear these CDs, mkay?

Storm Large's The Calm Years is as sexy as it is catchy and angsty. I feel this album is an almost-perfect expression of what it feels like being female in American society, but that might just be my own complete identification with it.

But nevermind all that, the sound is incredible. Storm's voice is as dynamic and explosive as her name suggests. The music compliments her emotion and vocal stylings perfectly and one cannot resist toe-tapping, head-bobbing and the like when listening... even at work. Storm is a freaking force of nature. She cannot be stopped!

The Lovely Feathers' Hind Hind Legs is the other album I can't get enough of. Listening to their songs is like taking a hike that starts at the edge of a forest, but once the song is over you're lost in the woods with no idea how you got there and no memory of how to get back. It's awesome. They have a sound similar to other bands coming out of Montreal with songs that seem often spastic or disjointed if you listen to carefully.

Their lyrics are clever and silly, covering diverse topics as from Pope John Paul's death ("Pope John Paul died today and we say/Pope John Paul, where you from?/Cracker Poland! Cracker Poland!") to making love in a cornfield ("OH lets go outside/put the car in drive/to the cornfield side/there we'll take off our pants/kiss the court and dance"). And while those two aren't in the same song, a lot of other odd combinations are. They'll stick in the cracks of your brain.

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