Friday, November 9, 2007

Movie Review: Across The Universe

While I'm not a huge Beatles fan, but since seeing Across the Universe I've been singing their songs anyway. Suddenly they seem actually relevant. I do love a good story about the Vietnam War (or, for our Vietnamese friends, the America War) Era. Partly out of historical curiosity and partly out of knowing that generations' struggles are also our own. Across the Universe did an incredible job of capturing past concerns and using them as a metaphor for our own generations' problems with war.

On top of that, the look and feel of the film was beautiful and lush. My favorite sequence was set to "Strawberry Fields Forever" (a song I've never been fond of) and it explored the frustration of an artist in the face of violence. Jude is shown creating pieces of art by pinning strawberries to a canvas. The simplicity and power of the imagery completely blew me away. (You can see a video of another war scene here).

Since seeing the film, I've had Beatles songs stuck in my head most days on my walk to work. This film will stay with you in the best of ways.

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