Monday, November 19, 2007

And "Good Christian People" Vote for this Guy?

A recent "special bonus political edition of Dumb Things Guys Say" over at the Evil Slutopia blog features a video of John McCain answering a question about Hillary Clinton. Either go watch the video or go to Evil Slutopia to read a transcript, unless you just like to hear rants you know nothing about.

I'm disgusted, pissed and bummed out by this. No matter how much our elected officials, for the most part MALES, fuck up the nation and fuck over their citizens it is still THAT threatening to people that a woman wants to be the president? It's not like it even MATTERS in the long run who is elected, because they don't hold any real power anyway. The people with that power don't have to be elected. And I'm voting for Hillary in part to flip the bird at people like McCain and his supporters. I refuse to accept a world where a body with breasts, ovaries and a vagina is still treated like a bimbo in what is still largely a boy's club.

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