Tuesday, October 2, 2007

October Brings Decency & Reading

October, as it turns out, is playing hostess to some awesome stuff this year. October is Fair Trade month, hosted by Fair Trade Certified: a non-profit organization working to bring about fair pricing and labor conditions, direct trade, democratic and transparent organizations, community development and environmental sustainability. So many different shades of awesome! Check out their website (or The Green Guide) to find out about how you can purchase Fair Trade Certified products and look for Fair Trade Certified labels at your local stores. There's also a Fair Trade Certified blog to keep you up-to-date on ways to use your purchasing power for good.

For the lovely citizens of Kansas City, there's even more excitement afoot this month! A 'city-wide book club' is being hosted by the Kansas City Public Library. According to the library website, The Big Read Celebration "aims to encourage Kansas Citians to read, enjoy, contemplate, and discuss Hemingway's landmark novel of love and war on the Italian Front during the First World War. The program period coincides with the 90th anniversary of the Battle of Caporetto, a devastating Italian defeat that served as a climactic moment in A Farewell to Arms. More than 500 free paperback copies of A Farewell to Arms will be distributed to interested participants." Line up to get your free copy now and then join in some of the many events including discussion groups, film screenings, and various neighborhood events. I'll look forward to discussing Papa's work with you.

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