Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Artist Interview: BellZ

As previously mentioned, I have much love for deviantART. Through it, I found an artist who under the nom de plume BellZ creates vividly striking photographs, drawings and dolls. Since then, BellZ has abandoned deviantART and moved to livejournal and Flickr where you can keep up-to-date on the continuing creativity.

What is the significance of "BellZ"?

I used to be a fan of Matthew Bellamy, whose 'petname' was Bells. I changed one sign. Got used to this. And was too lazy to think a better nickname then.

Your style is very distinctive and unique. How did you come to work with the mediums and subjects that you use? How has your style evolved?

When I was sixteen my mom gave me a very simple camera Panasonic Lumix \3 megapixels\ as a present. I started taking pictures, Margaret supported me. I never attended any art school or studio, I don't know famous photographers and their techniques that's why I guess I avoided the influence. As for sculpting, I can say, that when I was a child, I used to sculpt from plasticine a lot. I think those who worked with Soviet plasticine can work with any other material...... Also, there is no "coming to use some media/subject". I use what we have. Like, in shops here in Latvia. We don't have any special materials for sale and if there are some imported, I don't have the money to buy them.
You've had some problems with people imitating and/or stealing your work. Is there anything you'd like to say about that?

Two years ago I'd say that was bad and stole those poor people's individuality. Half a year ago I'd say "the more people have no personal ideas and stole other's ideas, the easier it is to create something really unique for normal people". In that case now I can say that everyone who once stole any idea is worth to get his testicules cut and eat them. Though we shall remember that we all began from trying to copy our idols. It's normal. Yet when one copies another and doesn't realize that - that's even worse.

Margaret seems to be a constant inspiration to you. How has she affected your art?

Margaret is the only one from those who are close to me right now, who knew me before I became cool and known to someone else except my friends (well, I didn't even have any then). When we "met" each other on the Internet she didn't even know how I looked like. I didn't shoot anything or make anything special. I just was. We made friends and then became extremely close. When I've been making my first ridiculous attempts in photography and drawing - she always supported me and cheered me up. She always gave me some good advise or idea. She, herself, is a very creative person with her own wonderful ideas and she helps me if I need. That's great. I wouldn't become what I became without her. That's true. I hope, I inspire her as well, at least sometimes… Also, she's a beautiful girl and an excellent model. My best one. I love to shoot her more than everyone. Of course it is inspiring!

What do you enjoy making the most?

Film shots of people whom I love. With my Zenit camera.What do you want someone to know about your creations if they didn't know anything else?

I often tell people who don't know anything about my hobbies and my life about my creations. At my university, for example. Some married woman asks me what I do at my spare time and I say: "I make pictures and dolls!". And I feel like I'm a fool. And she looks down at me like I'm a fool.

Somehow... I'm inclined to disagree.
All images copyright BellZ

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SaRara! said...

I can't even begin to tell you how jealous I am that you got the opportunity to conduct this interview! BellZ has been such an inspiration to me and I think more people should take from what is offered and create things in return. I just wish that I was more able to put what I want into art like BellZ is able to... But I keep pluggin' away in hopes of ebing as amazing as BellZ is one day! Even though "amazing" isn't really a word BellZ like to associate with because "it doesn't apply."

How awesome was this? What was it like to be able to speak with such a young and inspiring icon? I'm dying to know! :D

<3 Sara

May said...

It was completely awesome :) I randomly asked for an interview not thinking I could actually get one, but I did! It was really exciting to get answers to some of the questions I've had in my mind about BellZ. And now that I've gotten answers... Well, I think that BellZ is the coolest freaken thing on the planet just about.

I'm so glad you liked the interview. It meant a lot to me.

Little Sacar said...

Well, i was reading 'feed the bird' and i somehow got here.
I must tell you that i've been following BellZ ant through DA, and now that he kinda stopped, i'm really glad to find this interview here.

I think you made an awesome job, and you really asked the questions that all his 'fans' wanted to be asked.

BellZ... you are a true inspiration, even though you're just in the beginning of you career... that i want and truly believe will be great.

I've been missing you on DA.

well.. thank you for your time, anyway.And congrats May.

Kayden Evans said...

May you did a great job thanks, but there are lots of questions i have for BellZ i love his/her art and i love BellZ as a person a beautiful and extraordinary person,
i wish BellZ come back and still do the coolest pictures he/she used to do.

well thanks

and i love you BellZ

Anonymous said...

Hi. I'm 27 and I am from Romania, Eastern Europe. This Interview I read it every 3 months. I always said, beside other stuff, I want to buy Bellz a cup of coffee.

Great job, May, great interview. I guess Bellz is 19 or 20 and I am 27but still, he is one of my biggest inspirations. And turbulency, probably, in this life.

May said...

I'm so glad you have enjoyed this interview! :D BellZ is a continuing inspiration to me as well.

Memafala said...

So where exactly can I find BellZ work now? Please help I'ma huge fan

Memafala said...

So where exactly can I find BellZ work now? Please help I'ma huge fan

May said...

On DeviantArt under a different name... but unfortunately, I can't find the link for you right now. Can't remember the new name... =\