Monday, September 17, 2007

You Are What You Eat

Have you seen BBC America's You Are What You Eat yet? Every episode, Gillian McKeith (a holistic nutritionist) challenges people with bad eating habits and generally unhealthy lifestyles to kick their life into gear, starting with the food they eat. It's Brilliant!
You Are What You Eat gives people 8 weeks to turn their lives around and, amazingly, when people are actually forced to do what's good for them they tend to start liking it. It does my heart good watching people who survived off of frozen dinners and chocolate to embracing aspects of nutrition that even though we all know we should do, most of us ignore it anyway.

Personally, I tend to think I'm doing a fairly okay job of eating right recently. But I'm going to put myself to the You Are What You Eat test and log my eating this week. Next Monday, you and I can both see just how well (or not) I'm living up to my goal. Some of the things I have in my favor are that I'm actively trying to reduce my meat intake & up my veggie intake. But on the other hand, I'm not currently living in my own apartment (and I won't be until October) and I'm not shopping and/or cooking for myself much because of it right now. So with those hopes and restrictions in mind, check back next Monday and see just what I'm made of.

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MissMalaprop said...

I got addicted to that show when I was in London about 3 years ago. I'm glad to hear they're finally airing it on BBC America.