Friday, September 7, 2007

Alien vs. Moray Eels

I heart the Alien Trilogy (can you guess my favorite?), so when yesterday's post on Not Exactly Rocket Science baited me with this juicy tidbit - "Moray eels attack 'Alien-style' with second pair of jaws" - I was hooked!

Turns out the Moray eel has a second set of jaws unlike every other creature on Earth with a backbone.

"These ‘pharyngeal jaws’ are housed in the eel’s throat. When the main jaws close on an unlucky fish, the second set launches forward into the mouth, snags the prey with terrifying, backward-pointing teeth and drags it back into the throat. In fractions of a second, the prey is bitten twice and swallowed."
Pretty disgusting way to go. Click over here to read the full article, here for video of some double-jaw-biting action, and/or comment to let me know how freaky you think this is. I'm pretty blown away by how imaginative projections of the strange and perverse always end up manifesting right in our own backyard.

EDIT: In a crazy but fortuitous coincidence, it turns out that Animal Collective has a new video out for their song 'Peacebone' that also uses Alien-esque imagery. Check it out.

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