Thursday, August 23, 2007

Presidential Match-Up!

Update: If you remember from my post yesterday, I mentioned I'd be starting a spiritual journey blog. So if you're interested, Sitting In the South is now open for business!

If you're like me, you've avoided throwing your hat into the ring for any presidential candidate. Granted, I have been rooting for Hillary, but only in a passive 'god why can't a woman be president already?' kind of way.

Lucky for us, (a social networking website with heart) has created a Presidential Matchmaker Quiz to match your political viewpoints with the candidate(s) platform that most closely reflects your opinion.

According to my results, I should support Mike Gravel, with Hillary coming in second. However, because I am anti-military-industrial complex and pro-feminism, I think I'll stick with Hillary.

Have you given your support to a presidential candidate? Why? What would you say to change my vote?

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