Friday, August 10, 2007

Insanity of Christianity: The Eagle Heights Example

I was disturbed to discover the above smarmy image plastered on a billboard advertising Eagle Heights Baptist School, where I attended K-5 (because it was associated with the church my parents attend). This image is accompanied by the catchphrase "FOCUS ON THE FUTURE" which, despite its resemblance to the X-Files movie theme, "Fight the Future," totally weirds me out. That and the fact that I've had to listen to a lot of insane Xian ideas today leads to this post.

Eagle Heights is an organization for a group of like-minded individuals to come together and judge themselves, each other, and every one else on Earth as insignificant and unworthy while engaging in Puritanical customs that sap all the joy out of life. Over 3/4 of my life was spent surrounded by these people, and I still don't understand how they can go through life thinking that what they do and believe actually makes sense on some level.

Never mind the botched-brain-surgery-victim method of interpreting their sacred texts, the fact that people actually believe they are divinely entitled by a supreme being to judge and interfere with everyone else on the motherfucking planet is completely unworkable in modern society. Which is why these people pull away from the culture in which they are supposed to live: if they actually had to treat people as well as they are saying they are, they'd have to be as respectful, kind, and sincere as they talk about being.

I'm especially irritated that Eagle Heights has the money to advertise this way. This means they are getting more financial support than before, which is just so horrible. I know from first-hand experience how incredibly mind-warping this environment is, and no one deserves to be exposed to it. On the other hand, I don't know how they can get away with it re: public opinion, because just five years ago their own Pastor's wife shot and killed their daughter and then herself because (among other reasons) her daughter was having sex with a man she loved.

In the Eagle Heights world, everything that brings pleasure, happiness, and security is manufactured by Satan himself to bring down the righteous.

What kind of religion supports this kind of megalomaniacal mindset? When focusing on the future means always planning out a means of retreating from modern society in case the world is brought to an end by people engaging in sex out of wedlock, I say fuck it.


Harry said...

yeah, I saw that billboard too, it's creepy

Austin said...

I agree 100%. It took me at least 4 years to recover from my EHCS experiences. The Sooter incident is just as chilling now as it was 5 or 6 byears ago....

Joe P. said...

"What kind of religion supports this kind of megalomaniacal mindset?"

Uhh... all of them, I think. Maybe not Buddhism.

Anonymous said...

In my High School experience at a Christian School, I also seemed to experience an insane amount of hypocrisy as well as the other said issues above. Was that part of your experience as well? Just curious.

May said...

Definately, Jess. Hypocrisy is just about the number one favorite thing at Eagle Heights. It's the only way these people can believe that they are always RIGHT because they have the TRUTH, at least in my experience.