Friday, August 31, 2007

Happy Blog Day!

Blog Day 2007

Today is Blog Day, so here's some blogs I recommend (cuz that's what you're supposed to do on Blog Day).

The Daily Green - "the consumer's guide to the green revolution"

Getting Attention! - "helping nonprofits succeed through successful marketing"

fresh + new(er) - "discussion of issues in digital media and museums"

The Bamboo Project Blog - covers blogging, communications, and non-profit technology

A Walk Through Durham Township, Pennsylvania - a photo blog

Too Cool For School - "a collection of the best (and worst) videos online"

Cognitive Daily - "a new cognitive psychology article nearly ever day"

The Anterior Commissure - "the science of sex and mating, gender and attraction, pregnancy and parental behavior"

Eclectic Commons - "curiosity is the key to all knowledge and wisdom"

Paleo-Future - examines what people thought the future would be like (lots of crazy illustrations)

So, how 'bout you? Got any suggestions for me?


Michele Martin said...

Hi May--thanks for the Link Love. It looks like I'm in some great company in your list, so I'm honored!

May said...

Absolutely my pleasure :)