Thursday, August 23, 2007

Bratz: Hos or Positive Role Models?

I was a middle child in a family of 6 kids, so when someone paid direct attention to me, it was always very significant. As a result, some of my favorite memories involve an older woman, Mrs. Harmon, who used to take me out to eat and shop for no other reason than that she thought I needed some encouragement. Partially thanks to her example, I always try to be good to the kids that come into my life. Which led me to seeing a movie that I would otherwise never have seen: BRATZ.

My little friend Emma turned 7 on Sunday so to celebrate I took her to see a movie that her mom would never take her to (Sarah is too much a feminist to take her daughter to see a film about pre-teens that look like "hoochy mamas") and had to sit through what began to feel like an episode of My Super Sweet 16. On the whole, however, as I sat in the theater parsing the movie for subtext, I realized that the Bratz made points about interpersonal relationships that even I couldn't argue with, which is hopefully the first and last time I ever agree with someone trying to look like a doll.

So if you're worried about what the Bratz are teaching young female America, rest easy. All they're pushing for is treating people equally, being true to yourself, helping your friends and family, and confusing "fashion" for "shitty little girl taste in clothes and make-up." Oh, and that consumerism is FABULOUS! But what good American doesn't think that these days?

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Austin said...

Interesting. I'm not always the greatest role model, but I make an effort to act like one whenever I'm around kids. It's good to see that there are some redeeming qualities in those movies. I cringe whenever I think of how many kids miss the good points of those movies in favor of the shallow backstabbing and relentless consumerism....whoever produces those pre-teen flicks should be forced to teach in a middle school for a couple of days. Maybe THEY should drink the hemlock!

May said...

Yeah, I don't think I'm the BEST role model, but I think I'm way better than most people because I am more concerned with the kid having fun (unless it's a kid I don't know and they're in a restaurant screaming.. then I want them muzzled) than "looking good" in front of them. Kids can tell when you actually give a crap and I think that matters more than the other stuff people are so obsessed about.