Thursday, August 30, 2007

Bike Paths Suck!

Or so believes Mary Peters, U.S. Secretary of Transportation. In the Boulder Report, Joe Lindsay blogged about her ignorant view of alternative transportation, which, of course, influences the way she approves funding. Bad news for people who like riding their bikes!

Apparently a lot has changed since Peters – then Federal Highway Administrator – told the 2002 National Bike Summit that “bicyclists are an integral part of the nation’s transportation system and we all need to work together to develop a more balanced transportation system that provides facilities and programs for bicyclists on a routine basis.”
Isn't it great to know that 14 million Americans using alternative transportation aren't actually acknowledged by such a high-up official? And isn't it great to know that the number one reason more people don't use public transportation is it's not convenient and that Peters wants to make it less convenient? I'm really mad about this, especially since alternative transportation is the simplest way to cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.

You can read the full post here, or use the League of American Bicyclists' form to email Peters.

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