Saturday, July 28, 2007

Harry Potter and the Best Ending Evar

WARNING: Spoilers ahead!

(The Weasley twins are the hawtest)

I didn't get in to the whole Harry Potter craze until I got books 1-5 from my then-roommate and proceeded to read them all in a week. It was the perfect time to fall in love with them. The best two books still hadn't come out, but I got to read all of the other ones right after another, which was a whole lot of fun. Now the series is over and I'd be totally bummed out if I wasn't so fucking satisfied with the way it ended.

Deathly Hallows did an amazing job at tying together everything you've ever known about J.K. Rowling's universe and the characters who inhabit it. Sure, she killed off more of my favorites than I expected (where are all the redshirts in the hp-verse?), but it certainly was effective. Plus, her ending's subversion of the self-sacrifice motif (by having Harry's partial possession by Voldemort act as a shield against his death) blew my mind.

I'll miss not being able to look forward to the continued adventures of Harry & Co., but if Rowling can move on, I guess I can too.... eventually.

Here are some parts that really made me happy ...

Best moment: When Harry & Dumbledore talk at a Matrix-esque King's Cross Station

Runner-up: When Harry goes to let Voldemort kill him, surrounded by the ghosts of his parents and friends

2nd Runner-up: When Neville slaughters Nagini

These parts made me sad ...

Worst moment: When Ron abandons Hermione and Harry

Runner-up: When Fred dies during the last battle against Voldemort

2nd Runner-up: When Dobby dies

What did you think?
Did seeing Harry happy and living a normal wizarding life satisfy you?

Or did you kind of hope that he had died?

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